Dr McGill’s Cultivating Love book series

I am pleased to announce that the following books in the Cultivating Love book series are available for purchase at Amazon.com and in the Kindle Store!

The books are:

  1. Cultivating Love and Renewal in Your Life and in Your Marriage
  2. Cultivating Love: Enhancing Communication
  3. Cultivating Love: Finishing Strong
  4. Cultivating Love: When Secrets Surface 
  5. Cultivating Love: Growing Character
  6. Cultivating Love: Daily Bread for Life, Vol. 1
  7. Cultivating Love: Daily Bread for Life, Vol. 2
  8. Cultivating Love: Choosing Change 

About the Books:

CL - Renewal Cover

Cultivating Love Renewal is for couples who have decided they wish to rebuild their relationship, and this workbook provides the couple with practical, effective and clinical “tools” to assist them in their process of defining and growing healthy, safe and edifying behaviors that will produce love, and strengthen and protect their marriage.

CL - Enhancing Cover

Cultivating Love Enhancing Communication is the second of eight books in the Cultivating Love series, and provides to the reader practical and effective clinical “tools” to help the coupleship identify unhealthy and dysfunctional processes and patterns that derail their communication, and also helps the couple to develop sound skills that facilitate dialogue, empowerment and conflict resolution.

CL - Finishing Cover

Cultivating Love Finishing Strong is the third of eight books in the Cultivating Love book series, where the focus of this book is to address problematic or compulsive sexual behavior in the lives of men and women.

CL - Secrets Cover

Cultivating Love When Secrets Surface is the fourth of eight books in the Cultivating Love book series, and is an in-depth exploration of how to deal with the discover of unfaithfulness, with insight and practical exercises to help the couple make safe, informed and healthy choices regarding what direction they wish to take with their relationship.

CL - Character Cover

Cultivating Love Growing Character is the fifth of eight books in the Cultivating Love book series and it helps the reader identify, explore and cultivates values that are a reflection of and an answer to how you wish to live your life.

CL - Daily Bread Cover

Cultivating Love Daily Bread for Life, Volume 1 is the sixth of eight book in the Cultivating Love book series, and is a combination of blog posts written on the “Dr Ken McGill’s Blog, Daily Bread for Life and “3-2-5-4-24” (Three to five minutes of reading for 24 hours of application) blogs.


Cultivating Love: Daily Bread For Life, Volume 2  is the seventh of eight books in the Cultivating Love book series, with these posts covering a wide range of real-life issues that many face and struggle with daily: addiction and recovery, deep reflections about how lasting changes are achieved in our lives, in addition to inspirational subjects like the Fruit of the Spirit along with other scriptures that provide meaning, purpose and wisdom for our lives.


Cultivating Love: Choosing Change, the eight book in the Cultivating Love book series is actually two books in one, with the focus of attention in the first 9 chapters on achieving personal change, so you and others in the systems you live and interact in (i.e., home, school, work, church, etc.) benefit from your decisions and actions as you live out your changes in their presence. Here’s what you’ll find in the first half of Choosing Change:

Choosing Change #1 (Safe People, Safe Places and Safe Processes) guides you to create your own personal safe place to generate calm and focus immediately, especially when emotional triggers or emotional flooding processes threaten to dysregulate and derail you from experiencing safety or being a safe person.

Choosing Change #2 and #3 (So what’s my reasonable contribution to your change process?) presents the “66% – 33% solution,” which is a self- and other empowerment model to help you deliver “reasonable responses” to facilitate healing with others without overextending or losing yourself in the process.

In Choosing Change #4 (Gardening with Intention) and #5 (Traveling with Intention) you’ll read how change and growth is a process and how to take steps to nurture, grow and “fertilize” change in your own life. In Chapter 5 you’ll read how the development and intentional application of specific character values helps you to move toward healthy and functional outcomes versus lapsing into misdirected behaviors associated with emotional regression.

In Choosing Change #6, #7 and #8 (Schemas, Defenses, Distortions and Resolution, Parts 1 – 3) you’ll identify how dysfunctional psychological processes thwart your own maturation, and how the application of the “A-C-T-I-V-E Model” facilitates progress and resolution when these saboteurs threaten to disintegrate your good efforts. (Choosing Change #9 repeats the A-C-T-I-V-E Model in the latter part of #8).

The second half of the book is based on Matthew 7: 24 -25 invites you to capitalize on your personal growth and make qualitative interpersonal changes by building yourself and others up in your home. Here’s what you’ll find in the second half of Choosing Change:

In Choosing Change #10 (Blueprints and Building Change) you’re encouraged to identify, integrate and live by principles that lay a strong foundation and breathe life into the other inhabitants of the home you’re seeking to build.

In Choosing Change #11 (Building Character and Building People, Part 1) you’ll focus on basic communication principles and processes to assist you and your partner as you enter your new home (or rebuilt relationship).

In Choosing Change #12 (Building Character and Building People, Part 2) you’ll visit the psychological and theological “River of Integration,” which takes you into the Living and Dining rooms of your home. In these rooms, you’ll identify relationship goals and engage in activities to develop skilled behaviors that strengthen those who congregate in these “centers of activity.”

In Choosing Change #13 (Building Character and Building People, Part 3) you’ll discover specific principles to bless and nurture your children, and how the application of the Wheel of Awareness (developed by Dr. Dan Siegal and Dr. Tina Bryson) provides practical and valuable insights to assist you in the psychological development of your children.

In Choosing Change #14 (Living, Loving and Leaving a Legacy) you’ll visit the last two areas of your home: Your Bedroom, to look at multiple factors that culminate in strengthening your primary relationship, and finally your Front Porch, where “rocking chair moments” inspires you to reflect on the life you’re living and the legacy you’ll leave behind.

Cultivating Love: Choosing Change is an integrated and thorough resource for you (in addition to Clinicians, Pastors, Newlyweds and others) to access over the course of your life to assist you to make good, sound, constructive, and therapeutic changes in your life and relationships.

In addition to the discipline of Theology, Cultivating Love Renewal and Enhancing Communication also integrates “treatment” materials from the disciplines of psychology, addiction, as well as 12 Step recovery principles, so that as you work through the “Process Point” exercises, you’ll be able to holistically identify necessary and salient “ingredients” that speak to your life and could be a part of your overall growth and marital strengthening process.

So why are these workbooks called Cultivating Love?  Because I continue to be amazed regarding how God helps us to grasp and understand supernatural concepts as we study the natural environment that we live in.  One such concept is the word and process called Phytoremediation, a crucial term in the process of cultivating love.  Phytoremediation is an environmentally sound technology (EST), in which plants are used to remove, detoxify, or immobilize environmental contaminants that are in the soil and in the water. Plants belonging to the Cruciferae family work the best, and these particular plants are named and are a part of this family because they have a corolla of four petals, arranged like a cross.

Theologically, I am reminded of what is written in the New Testament Book of James 1:21: “Humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.” 

What I interpret from this is, if we “plant” or integrate the words, some which come from the theological, psychological, addiction and 12 Step domains, into our minds (I remind the reader we came from and will return to the soil – Genesis 3:19), then we give ourselves the opportunity to remediate or heal the mind, soul and spirit of ourselves, and if the right “seeds” are planted within us, we give ourselves the opportunity to grow healthy values and different outcomes in the “micro-seasons” of our lives.

If you wish to grow love in your life, then you are encouraged to focus on planting “seeds” or characteristics that will one day mature into the behavior that is called Love.  Even though there is great profundity with God, the process of cultivating love is as simple as this.

Cultivating Love Renewal, Enhancing Communication, Finishing Strong, When Secrets Surface, Growing Character and Daily Bread for Life, Vol. 1 and Vol.2, and Choosing Change are great resources for individuals, couples, people who are challenged with addictive behaviors as well as for Counselors, Pastors, Pastoral Counselors, College students, Clinical Interns and Clinicians.

Thank you for your consideration of the Cultivating Love book series!

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