Congratulations Gabriel! Love, Mom and Dad

Congratulations Gabriel!  Mom and I are extremely happy for you and proud of your accomplishments with the Football team as you guys won your State championship game yesterday!  We are so proud of you!

I am proud of you because you held this as a goal for yourself since last year, and man, have you guys blown the goal out of the water!  You, Luke, Tyreece, Jared, and Jake are the lineman who helped Ryan become one of 10 Texas High School quarterbacks to throw for over 10,000 yards!  Congrats!!!

Mom and I have sat and watched with amazement since August how you guys gave ample protection to him, and opened up holes for Colin and Deonte so that stats of 150 – 200 yards rushing per game became regular.  That is awesome!!!

As the Dallas Morning News conveyed, you guys not only “avenged” a loss from earlier this year, but you also beat an undefeated team, in the Championship game! Wow!  I heard a sister of one of your teammates say to her brother “you are a superstar” as she took his picture after the game and you know what, you’re our superstar!

As parents we are gratified to hear from other parents, your teammates and your coaches about your character, your disposition and your abilities, especially after your contribution yesterday in the championship game!  You are amazing dude!

I am so proud of how you balanced academics, school and ministry projects, studying and reading, your diet, your hydration, preparing and washing your gear and your football commitments not only without grumbling, but with self-initiative.  Do you know how proud we are of you???

Bottom line, and I could write more, we are proud to be your parents and you know Marissa is so very proud of you as well, and we all celebrate in the team’s success and in your personal achievement.

In the spirit (and with our history) of Star Wars, which we will go and see in a few weeks, “henceforth, you shall be known as, ‘CHAMP’ in these hallowed halls” of home.  Congratulations Champ! We love you!

Championship collage



PS – If anyone wants to ask a proud Dad (or his Mom) how their Offensive Lineman son winds up in the boxscore with the receivers, just ask – I’ll be glad to share about my son’s accomplishment among his teammates!



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