Thanks for visiting and may God Bless You!

“Because of our love for you we were ready to share with you not only the Good News from God but even our own lives. You were so dear to us!” – 1 Thessalonians 2:8 (Good News)

Just a brief comment to say thank you for reading the posts that I have shared with you this year! I am so encouraged to continue as I see where you are around the globe, and I am glad about the technology that brings what I hope are encouraging words to you.

It is truly my hope and prayer that these posts provide inspiration, knowledge and assistance to you, no matter where you live and whatever your life situation and experience is.

This is the reason that I’m motivated to share with you, and hopefully, as these 3 blogs are helpful to you, you’ll join me in creating and leaving a positive and spiritual imprint in the world we share together.

May God richly bless your efforts! He has certainly done so with me!  Dr. Ken McGill

Below is a picture of where you are when you have read my posts; keep coming back and pass this along to others if you find it helpful!

My other blogs are: Dr Ken McGill’s blog and Daily Bread for Life. I welcome your comments below or via email and your favorites, your retweets and your “+1’s” if you have a brief moment and find the information helpful. Again, it is my desire to provide the very best info for your consideration.

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