If you had one hour to live…

(An excerpt from Cultivating Love: When Secrets Surface by Dr Ken McGill)

If you have one hour to live, how would you wish to spend this sacred time? How would you treat your enemies? Would you even have enemies? How would you treat your family and friends? How would you treat those that you may have grudges and resentments with?

What messages and conversations would you want to have or what expressions of love would you wish to render to others? With whom and what kind of care, attention, help, service and healing would you deliver to others, especially to your spouse and your family? Perhaps to your foes?

Do you think you would be capable of loving them? Could you see yourself delivering compassion, sympathy, love and forgiveness to those who may not “deserve” it?

Think about it. It is your choice. No one is forcing you to do anything you don’t have to do, but if you were to seriously consider this question, think about engaging in purposeful behaviors like this in the time frame originally suggested: one hour. If you had an hour to live, knowing that the Power of the Resurrection is right around the corner, how would you live? If you could see yourself engaging in healing behaviors, then just for this hour, maybe one hour at a time, and if you choose, perhaps the next hour and just for today, think about living like this, in which you are delivering very uncommon love to another.

TeleHealth/Video counseling sessions are available for those who prefer to meet online – Dr. McGill

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