Positive Affirmations: The A-B-C Challenge

In a counseling session today, someone mentioned her sponsor gave her the assignment to come up with a personal list of affirmations that begin with each letter of the alphabet, A – Z. She mentioned that initially, it was hard for her to do, but she came up with the list, and reported one that was particularly meaningful to her which was that “I am a precious child of God.”

After the session, I got to thinking about that assignment. What would my list look like? Could I even come up with a list of 26, much less a creative A – Z list? I also wonder, what would your list of personal affirmations look like? Are you open to creating positive affirmations about and for yourself? Here goes mine!

A: I am an ARTISTIC and creative person who has joy and talent for writing.

B: I BELIEVE in the power of positive suggestions and in the goodness of humanity!

C: I am a recipient and a CONTRIBUTOR to the goodness that empowers me throughout the day!

D: I can DO something different because I have a choice that I can exercise.

E: I love being part of EMPOWERING experiences with people I come into contact with.

F: My FAITH in God helps my dark days become bright and meaningful!

G: My GOD has never let me down and never will!

H: I can have HOPE because the doorway to healthy decisions is never locked!

I: I am a precious child of God and He wants the best for me!

J: I have JOY because of my family, my faith, my friends and my future!

K: I can be KIND to myself and others, and I’ll feel better when I choose Kindness.

L: I can practice LOVE because it is the best catalyst, fertilizer and remedy for positive change.

M: I’m not alone. I can consult my MENTORS when I am stuck and need insight and wisdom.

N: I am capable of defining and meeting my NEEDS because that is my responsibility.

O: I can OVERCOME challenges because the Spirit of God guides my thinking and my steps.

P: I seek and receive POWER from God who helps me to get through the day.

Q: It is ok to ask QUESTIONS because that helps me to learn and to grow.

R: I am capable of doing the work to have healthy RELATIONSHIPS.

S: I am a bright, positive and enlightened SPIRIT, because I am of God.

T: My THOUGHTS are insightful and are helpful to others.

U: I am good at helping others to UNDERSTAND themself, their values and how to develop them.

V: I VALUE life and humanity and enjoy opportunities to demonstrate what is valuable to me.

W: I am WILLING to learn and practice something new and helpful every day!

X: You’re capable of giving XTRA effort to accomplish your goal(s).

Y: YOU can produce peace within your life; use your tools, practice your disciplines, remember the rituals that give life!

Z: Remember to be ZEALOUS and focused on things that truly matter!

Thanks for reading through my list of affirmations.  I am going to revisit this post whenever I need to hear these truisms about myself and whenever I need a cognitive “reset” to jolt me into reality. I do encourage you to compile a list of affirmations about who you are to celebrate your contribution to yourself and to the World!

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