Today is Gameday™, but then, isn’t everyday Gameday?

As you could imagine, I am writing this on a Saturday morning in the Fall and College Football is awaiting. I just returned from a morning workout and for the second time in as many weeks the following thoughts came to mind, so without letting one more week pass again, here they are.

As I pushed myself on the treadmill and watched College Gameday™ I realized that I have come to grips with how competitive, if not how driven that I am, to win. I do think my competitiveness is a reflection of my obsessive-compulsive personality style, which has driven me to practice, study, push through, compete, strategize, apply and work in order to give my best, in order to succeed. As I watched Gameday, I felt the same competitive “juices” stir within me that I felt when I was on the court, in the class, on Skid Row, training for a race, in the counseling center, on the stage or when reading my Bible. I wanted to give my mental, spiritual and physical best in all of those settings.

The same inner drive moves me to be a great husband, Dad, counselor, cheerleader and competitor for others who God has brought into my presence, because whatever the issue, whatever the challenge, I believe they are in my presence because they want me to be a “teammate” with them, and as a teammate, I want to win with them. I know my record, performance and outcomes have not been perfect, but that does not deter me from reflecting on how could the next session, encounter, conversation be better than the previous one.  For me, today is Gameday, but then, I think every day is Gameday, and God help me, I want to win.

So what does winning look like?  It looks like the Dad who I saw on the way home who was helping his 4-year-old daughter ride her bike or the parents who were supporting their children on the soccer and football fields or at the park preparing for birthday celebrations. Success looks a lot like the couple walking their dog together, hopefully talking about how to live their lives purposefully, and finally, success looks like the person who is motivated to do his or her best in their life, as their competitive and creative juices are stirred by watching Gameday, and the football, soccer or basketball games that follow. Today happens to be Gameday; I encourage you to envision how every day could be Gameday.  In the redemption of Kid Rock’s lyrics – God Bless Saturday!

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