Guys, Happy Father’s Day to you!

Happy Father’s Day to you gentlemen! As I contemplate the meaning of the day and some of the experiences that have come with being “Papa” or “Daddie,” here are a few things that come to mind:

Father’s Day means I’ve prayed for your safe arrival, learned how to feed, burp, change and “over-protect” you. It means I’ve created and enjoyed silly but fun bedtime rituals, kissed your “toesies,” your boo-boos and even how to wipe the “green elevens” off your face!

It means I’ve come home early to stare at your growth, and cut trips short so I can have a tea party with all of the stuffed animals and friends we’ve accumulated at amusement parks and carnivals largely so I could hear your voice and witness your creativity and compassion.

It means I’ve glued, patched, tightened, programmed or assembled toys and bikes that I deeply enjoyed playing with you, or watched you play because I don’t have the dexterity to stay up with you but I marveled at your abilities as you’ve cleansed the game world of villains one more time.

It means I’ve prayed some more, for you and me as we’ve had teacher visits, report card reviews and conversations with coaches typically because your Mom and I wanted nothing but the best for you, and of course, that will continue until I’m not a Dad anymore.

It means I’ve had to say I’m sorry for letting you down, but in doing so, I hoped that I modeled how to correct my errors, even when it confused or hurt you deeply. But this never deterred me from loving you and wanting to be a good leader and example to you.

It means transporting, watching, cheering, icing, washing and congratulating you through every practice or sporting, dancing, spelling bee, or any event where I felt so much pride to be your Dad, just because you provided me with the honor and privilege to be called Dad.

It means cookouts, hikes, games, travel and countless events we’ve had together to strengthen and seal our father-son or father-daughter relationship that has brought so much joy to my life and our life. I’ve been glad to experience them with you and hope you get to experience a fraction of what I feel when you’re a Dad (or Mom) and you do all these things with your kids.

Finally, its meant so much to hear you say “thanks Dad” or “I love you” every day, especially when I come home from work. And if I should receive a tie or a “Happy Fathers Day” call, card, kiss, squeeze or visit from you, please know that all of these experiences are flashing through my mind as you share your heart, sentiment and time with me.

I love you so much! Dad

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