Visine™, Q-tips™ and Listerine™

It’s June and many brides and bridegrooms will be walking down the aisle of a church repeating vows and entering into marriage to start a new life together. Having been married for 25 years, I can only imagine the adventures and challenges, the rewards and heartaches but hopefully, the immense joy that the couples will experience as they endeavor to cultivate a healthy and loving relationship for themselves during this very sweet time in their lives.

I don’t have any plans to attend any weddings this month (however I did sit with a “June Bride” yesterday), but if I did, I would pass along to them as a wedding gift three items: “spiritual Visine™, Q-tips™ and Listerine™.” You may be thinking what a curious wedding gift…toiletry items?  Absolutely, and here’s why.

visineMetaphorically, Visine™ has helped me to see life’s issues, arguments, encounters and experiences clearer, better and far beyond what I’ve normally been capable of seeing. The use of Visine has helped me to empathetically see the other side of issues, as well as to capture and retain the “seemingly insignificant” moments that make for the joyful memories in life with my wife, children, work, ministry etc. When I found my “spiritual Visine” in the supermarket of life, I’ve bought cases of it and I encourage newlyweds to stock up on this valuable item for their personal and relational betterment!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 1.33.37 PM

Not far from the Visine resides the Q-tips™. The “spiritual Q-tips” helped me to clean up and clear away the blockage of unnecessary noise (from within myself or from outside of me) that has prohibited me from listening to and hearing what my God, family members and others needed me to hear, again far beyond my normal range and capability. I so value this item because it’s helped me to be a better counselor, spouse and parent, and I’ve treasured the many things that God has spoken to me that I was able to hear and respond to in a timely fashion solely due to possessing and using this incredible gift!




Finally, I’ve said many things during my life and marriage that I regret because they were offensive, didn’t need to be said, were immature, selfish, not thought through and were downright hurtful to others. The “spiritual Listerine” has helped with my “psychological bad breath” by helping me to think about what I need to say, only say what I need to say, and to not harm others when I say it. It’s helped me to think “what would be the impact of what I’m about to say upon this person? Do I really need to say it in the manner that I’m feeling? What would be the better way? O.K., proceed with with caution.”  This item and process has saved my hide many times when I psychologically gargle with this. I strongly recommend it!

What about you?  Could you benefit from a trip to the supermarket to purchase a few key and necessary items such as these? If you’re just starting out in marriage, or if you’re single, or dating or if you’ve been married for many years, my hope is that these therapeutic and useful items will find their way into “your shopping cart” to enhance your life and your relationships.

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